How BRIC Works!

Entirely run by Volunteers

Funded by Membership Fees

Supported by Sponsorships & Donations


How can you support BRIC?

Volunteer for events on an ongoing basis

Typically, we need Volunteers to support our event committees for food, entertainment, sponsors, communication, admin, and logistics


Sponsor via your Company or Business

Event Sponsorships and Ads start at as little as $100 and
are seen by thousands from the South Asian diaspora.
Even if you are not the decision maker for funding, an introduction helps. Our Sponsorship Committee can take it from there.

Sponsor an Event                                                                   Place an Ad


Details of what your sponsorship level provides

Sponsorship Details

Website Ad Specifications: Please send us your ad in the following two specifications:

320×50 Pixels and 720×90 Pixels


We welcome cash support – every little bit helps!
BRIC is a 501(c)(3) so your contributions are tax deductible. Your contributions are secure with PayPal.