BRIC Holi – Sunday, April 9th

Cultural programs, ethnic outfits, spring in the air and one big unifying factor  – vibrant Holi colors!

BRIC celebrates Holi 2017 with great enthusiasm!

The  pictures and positive comments speak about the great experience everyone had.

“Drop by drop an ocean is made, 
BRIC by BRIC a community is made 🙂 
A special shout out to all the kids who performed. I’m blown away by the talent – from dancers to singers, instrumental and emceeing. Then the supporters who helped clean and organise, and were DJ crew.
Wow. Take a bow.” – Supreet S.
“Kudos to the organizers and volunteers of BRIC, for another flawless execution of a fun and fully attended event! A warm, colorful, vibrant celebration, that reflects the equally warm, colorful, vibrant spirit of the Indian community here in Basking Ridge.  It was wonderful for our next generation to get a sense of what our festivals were like for those of us who grew up in India.
Congratulations and well done!” – Sandhya B.

“Awesome performance,  loved the colored kurtis and the energy in the dance,  awesome ladies!”- Manju D. 

Awesome day. Thanks BRIC, organizers, volunteers and the weather God – Aparna Y.
Indeed a fantastic event !!! A unique combination of super fun+end to end organization+enthusiastic community!! Kudos to all the organizers and performers👏👍
– Anasuya G.